Friday, July 10, 2009

Traveling from afar

Let's start at the beginning. I am attending the University of Cincinnati, living at home, and have the same job from high school. I love the routine of the day, but sometimes, it gets boring. I like to travel, and I have lots of family in Australia. My mom, an Australian herself, attended the University of Adelaide for awhile. Instead of going away for college in America, I deceided that I would like to Study Abroad for a little while instead. I knew I wouldn't be able to handle a year away from my family and 5 months seemed easier. So, I applied and was accepted by the University of Adelaide to study there for a semester. After countless emails and phone calls I was on my way to Adelaide. I have a very kind cousin that was willing to take me in, Kristie. I am so grateful to her and her family. My family in the States were sad to see me go, but I know that most of them will be coming to see me soon in Australia.

So, my journey to australia was a never-ending maze of hallways leading to various airlines. often i got confused but found my way eventually. from cincinnati, i flew to los angles. that flight was rather fine and i watched "seventeen again". it passed the time quickly. once in LA, i had to find dinner and somewhere to pass the four and half hours of layover time i had. i watched "harry potter 5" and the time again passed quickly. once on the plane to sydney, we sat on the runway for about 45 mins even after a 20 min delay. awesome. this flight was very full and even had about 4 screaming babies for about 8 hours. (the flight was about 14hours). i had a window seat and tried to sleep most of the way. i was sitting next to some really nice people and we shared snacks and travel ideas once in australia. to keep ourselves entertained, the plane had about a million options in movies, tv shows, and music. TONS, and i mean old stuff too. (i love lucky, casablanca, that sort of thing) i watched moulin rouge, a couple episodes of friends and something else i cant remember. i tried to put my seat back a bit. (its really quite uncomfortable to be sitting up straight for 14 hours.) but, it was not to be. there was an a fat lady behind me that had two fat friends with her and they all put their bags on their laps so my whole row could not recline. um... can you say "i'm gonna hit you in the face if you dont move your crap!" anyway, at least i could lean against the window. after that flight, i had a flight to adelaide. i literally had to RUN to this flight. this girl about my age and myself ran in our flipflops, dragging our carryons trying to get to the final boarding call. we were some of the last people on the plane. talk about scary.

enough for now.